Readers Festival 2023

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The ISLN Readers Festival is an annual event held annually over two weeks in April / May. This year’s quiz will open Monday to Friday, May 15-19. Readers Festival Quiz may be completed anytime during this period.

ISLN Readers Festival Quiz

The ISLN Readers Festival Quiz is an online competition using the Red Dot books as the source of the questions. (Note: In the past, the format has been face-to-face, but it will always be online going forward.)

It is held annually, asynchronously over the course of a week. Each school decides the timing for each team to take each quiz over the course of the week. This year’s Quiz dates are Monday, 15 May through Friday, 19 May 2023.


Click on the book titles below to access individual practice Kahoots!

ISLN Readers Festival

The ISLN Readers Festival is an (ideally) in-person event in which teams participate in activities related to the Red Dot books. The ISLN Readers Festival Quiz results and the Red Dot shortlists for the following year are announced during the Festival. A local writer or illustrator will be invited to speak.

It is held annually in April/May, on the first working day following the completion the ISLN Readers Festival Quiz – usually for an afternoon. The Awards/Announcement  segment of the Festival will be held online after school. This year’s ISLN Readers Festival date is Tuesday, 23 May 2023.

Key Details

  • Key Dates for Readers Festival 2023:
    • February 7: ISLN network meeting – Titles for quiz announced & practice questions released
    • March 1: Team registration opens
    • 27 April: Deadline for Readers Festival payment and registration of the number of teams per school per division
    • May 2: Deadline to submit names of all participants on each team 
    • Mon-Fri, May 15-19: Readers Festival Quiz (5 days) may be completed anytime during this period
      (SJI timing to be from Fri May 12 because Tues is a non-student day.)
    • Tue, May 23: Readers Festival – Readers Festival Quiz winners announced, Red Dot winners announced, Next Year’s Red Dot shortlist announced, virtual, synchronous author talks
  • Registration Costs for ISLN MemberSchools:
    • Up to six students = $80
    • Up to 12 students = $160
    • Up to 18 students = $240
    • Up to 24 students = $320
    • Up to 36 students = $400
    • More than 36 students = $480
  • Registration Costs for Non-Member Schools:
    • Up to six students = $100
    • Up to 12 students = $200
    • Up to 18 students = $300
    • Up to 24 students = $400
    • Up to 36 students = $500
    • More than 36 students = $600
  • Team size: Teams should have a maximum of six students; if a school cannot field a team, they can enter an individual
  • Number of teams per school: Each school can enter an unlimited number of teams in each category
  • The competition categories are:
    • Younger Readers (Years 3 to 5 / Grades 2 to 4)
    • Older Readers (Years 5 to 8 / Grades 4 to 7)
    • Mature Readers (Years 8+ / Grades 7+)
  • The ISLN Readers Festival Quiz questions will be shared on Kahoot!
    • Younger: 10 questions per book
    • Older: 10 questions per book
    • Mature: 15 questions per book
  • Final Quiz titles are listed above
  • Practice questions are linked above


  • Winners in each Quiz category will get possession of the Readers Festival trophy for a year
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive medals
  • All participants will receive an online certificate of participation
  • Other gifts and prizes may be donated by sponsors or arranged by individual schools

Readers Festival FAQs

Promote the Red Dot books and Readers Festival Quiz and find/create teams, arrange for your teams to meet and read & learn the books. Submit confirmation of teams and participant names. Submit payment. Organize place and time for your teams to do the Quiz. Optional: create activities to do with your teams. Optional: have students create and swap Kahoots with other teams. Optional: attend Readers Festival.
The titles in each category are a subset of the current year's shortlist for the Red Dot Book Awards category. The Red Dot focus groups make recommendations about which books are most suitable for the Quiz -- with the Red Dot and Readers Festival Coordinators having the final say.
In 2023 we had 33 Younger Teams from 5 schools, 80 Older Teams from 7 schools, and 9 Mature Teams from 5 schools. In 2022 we had 42 Younger teams from 4 schools, 79 Older teams from 9 schools, and 10 Mature teams from 5 schools. In 2021 we had 18 Younger Teams from 9 schools, 21 Older Teams from 9 schools, 11 Mature Teams from 6 schools.
The top Kahoot score for each school for a category is determined -- as schools can only have one podium place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). If there are any tie breakers we use the scores from the tie breaker round.
You can structure your preparation in ANY way that makes it fun and valuable for your students.
An appropriate combination of ISLN Google Group posts (using appropriate Subject Headings, Google Docs (including use of Notifications), the Red Dot Awards website, etc.