Similar Children's Choice Awards

administered by international school librarians

The Sakura Medal in Japan

An annual reading program in international schools in Japan that encourages students to read recently published books from around the world, run by the international school librarian network.

The Panda Awards in China

Childrens choice book awards run by SLIC, School Librarians in China, which aims to encourage international students in China to read quality books and to promote cross-cultural ties.
The Morning Calm Medal in Korea

The Morning Calm Medal is an annual award given to deserving authors from around the world. Each year, international school librarians from across Korea nominate a range of books for the Morning Calm Medal. Students then read these books, share their thoughts and comments online and in their schools, and then vote for their favorite books. Once all of the student votes are counted, a Morning Calm Medal is awarded to the winning authors in each of the categories (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school).

The Golden Dragon Book Award in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Golden Dragon Awards were founded in 2014 by the Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools (ALESS) in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Golden Dragon award aims to be a fun and exciting way for internationally-minded young Hong Kong people, between the ages of 4 - 18,  to become enthusiastic and discriminating readers.  There are four age categories of awards.

The Golden Cowbell Award in Switzerland

The Golden Cowbell Awards were founded in 2014 by the international school librarians in Switzerland.

There are four age categories of awards.

The Hansel & Gretel Award in Germany

The Hansel & Gretel Readers Choice Awards were founded in 2014 by the international school librarians in Germany.

Sixteen nominee books (including
modern classics, some that have been around a few years, as well as newly published titles) are selected in the spring of each year. Grades 3 through 6 students in participating schools vote in an elimination tournament with four rounds of voting to select the years' Hansel and Gretel Readers’ Choice Award.